Pontoon Boat Layouts

Bennington Pontoon Boats Furniture Layouts​


Quad Bench

If you love spending time with friends our popular Quad Bench is for you. Enjoy maximum seating, storage, and lounge space; plus, premium models tout a sleek, Fastback design that extends entertainment space and ambience with integrated premium sound and lighting.

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swingback layout


An innovative design delivers incredible versatility for relaxing on your terms. Quick flip backrest allows you to face forwards or back to take in the view, capture the sun or lounge in the deep comfort and well-appointed luxury.

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stern lounge layout

Stern Lounge

The originator and still the best, we pioneered the Stern Lounge design and we continue to perfect this popular feature with an ergonomically enhanced shape and multi-density cushions for maximum comfort and sunset views.

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L Bench layout

L Bench

One of our most popular floor plans 20-years running, our versatile L-Bench proves you can have it all with form, function, style and comfort. High-accommodation seating, abundant storage and an inviting place to gather with family or entertain with friends.

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Celebrate the best moments with a boat perfectly equipped to invite others to share it with you. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the intuitive design of our integrated bar and dinette options with intelligent features, rich finishes and stylised accent lighting.

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Exceed expectations with our robust “club-style” seating configuration where abundant seating, oversized dinette, rear stern bar and accent lighting provides an open and inviting space. Step-up the leisurely feel when cushions replace the table to create a spacious sun lounge.

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Originally pioneered by Bennington, the Stern Lounge floor plan offers twin lounge seats for the ultimate in comfort while offering a vista view from the aft of the boat.

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sport lounge layout


Performance infused styling and functionality come courtesy of an open concept, centre walk-through design, and color-matched composite bases that house expansive storage within and support versatile seating above. Twin bow benches are paired with stern conversion benches that allow for forward or rear-facing lounge seating.

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